Full Time Blues, 2009

           “The Bay Area Blues Beast (a nickname I just made up, so if you don't like it, I apologize), David Landon, finally got the opportunity to make a record "his way," and the result is the self produced This Time, his latest offering on Whip Records. The David Landon Band is a quartet of highly talented and road tested Blues musicians that come together to form something entirely awesome. To put it in terms of a pop culture reference, if The David Landon Band were a character from Transformers, they would be Devastator: dangerous in it's individual parts, but it's power is ultimately felt when assembled as one. All of This Time's dozen tracks are written and composed by Landon. Landon's songwriting is very catchy. I found myself singing along with the lyrics after only having listened to the CD a couple times. The subject matter is identifiable, and the overwhelming majority of the songs deal with The Blues' favorite topic: woman troubles. ” 

— Johnny Full Time, Full Time Blues