Blues Access, Summer 2000

        Looking for guitar playing good enough to stop traffic? Then meet guitarist David Landon, who proved his point by playing in the streets of Paris for a few years before returning stateside. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area now, Landon creates plenty of excitement with his metal-edged rock guitar sound in his second outing, Chasin' the Blues. 
He refreshed several of the very standard standards he takes on- especially a funked up version of Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes" – by speeding ‘em up, streamlining ‘em and cutting loose with his Robben Ford-like liquid heat on the guitar. 
       Landon's also a solid, energetic singer, showing some spunk on "Rock Me Baby" and "I'm Ready." Other influences? Well, let's see: "Red House" and "Voodoo Chile" are here, alongside many meat and potato blues cuts and some originals. The rhythm section is firm and steady as a politician's handshake, maybe a little too much so on coulda-been-a-swinger "The Music's Hot" and Johnny Guitar Watson's "Don't Touch Me," but all in all this is a very impressive straight-on blues performance.


- Bill Kisliok